Sunday, October 20, 2013

Victory on the Culinary Front!

Shekina is an extremely picky eater when it comes to trying American foods, and with good reason: she has left everything familiar behind. Like I've said before, I try to include familiar foods in our regular rotation, but this week, as we spend time in Maine, our rotation has flown out the window. That has led to a lot of frustration ("What?! You don't like pancakes?!") and to several small, pleasant surprises: Shekina has discovered she likes mashed potatoes, Caesar salad, and chicken salad. YAY! Her list of acceptable foods was and still is so small that I am ecstatic to be able to add anything, simply for the increase in convenience and ease! 

The usually narrowing (but sometimes expanding) list of foods Shekina will eat: 

Ramen noodles 
Smashed potatoes (mashed with a fork, not mashed into the creamy mashed potatoes we are used to) 
Sometimes beans
French fries 
Sweet potato 
Hot dogs 
Sometimes oranges and apples 
Djino (orange Fanta, referred to by its Congolese name)
Caesar salad (!!!!) 
Sometimes cake 
Fried plantains 

The child loves STARCH in a big way, and it's a struggle to get anything else in there, but I am constantly trying. 

Do you see that bowl of potato chips? That's Shekina's, and until we ran out, those were pretty much the only thing she would eat in Maine. Now you can see why we were so thrilled at the new additions! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Autumn in Maine

I can't even express what a cozy heaven we are in right now. Today feels like Christmas for us Boltons. Last night, after we flew to Maine, we ate a fantastic dinner with long table of family and friends in Cappy's in Camden. After a stone-solid night of sleep (including the babies), we filled our bellies again with blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon at Boynton McKay. We then went to Walmart's opening day in Rockland (I'm not a Walmart fan, but there's no Target or Costco here, and we needed diapers). We ended up with much more than diapers, though: a doctor kit, a car-transporting truck with all its accompanying cars, a police truck, three puzzles, and a school bus, plus tons of food. After driving home, we found we had visit requests from several Memphis and non-Memphis friends who hadn't met the kids yet, and we more than gladly obliged. It felt like Christmas! New toys and a ton of friends dropping by to eat and chat by the fire during a chilly, drizzly day. We absolutely loved it!!! Days and nights of being surrounded by family and friends, something we don't often experience with Memphis' sprawl and everyone's busy work schedules. We hope to continue doing more of the same during our next four days here. If only it could last longer...

Enjoying dipping bread and sweets into tea (a la Congo). 

Bundled up for a chilly day. 

Visiting Camden Harbor, just in front of the Camden library 

Some serious conversation...


With our good friend (and kayaking bud) Dave

Much love from Maine,