Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the Roller Coaster Begins! Hold on for Your Life!

The last 24 hours have been a bit crazy for me! Yesterday, my agency rep emailed me asking if I was truly interested in a sibling set. "YES! Definitely YES!" I wrote back! Hours later I got an email about a boy/girl sibling set, approximately 2 and 4 years old. They have not been at the orphanage long enough to be matched with a family, but I am at the top of the waiting list, and if and when they are referred, they will be referred to me. It was hell trying to go to sleep last night! After a couple hours of back and forth emails on cost and how things would work--I was doing all this by iPhone while watching Glee with my best friend and her kids--I went home and laid in bed, absolutely wired and a bit overwhelmed. I wondered if I could possibly go from 0 kids to 2 all at once as a single parent.

After finally sleeping about four hours, I woke up wide awake and checked my email, eager to get more information. Nothing. So then I decided to go walk away my nervous energy on a local free track. As I was walking, I received an email from the agency of three pictures. They took a full five minutes to download, and all I could think was that I was possibly about to see pictures of my future kids--family for the rest of my life. How strange is that?! When the pictures finally opened, there they were!!!! A little girl with furrowed eyebrows and a fly on her face eating rice...a tiny baby boy slung over a man's shoulder!!! And then a third little girl, chubby as can be...whaaaaaaat?! A third little girl?

There was no accompanying message, so I called and emailed my agency. An hour later, after I had emailed the picture to family and a close friend, the agency emailed me back--"No, no, so sorry! Those are other people's kids! You were accidentally included on the email for some reason." Again, whaaaaaat?!!!! "The kids I was telling you about just arrived at the orphanage this morning. We still have to blood test them for diseases before we can make a referral. It will be a few weeks."

Sigh. That was the end of the roller coaster. What an emotional high, followed by a slow, but not too upsetting, dip. I have no more information now. I hope to have more information within the next few weeks and maybe even a referral, but adoption seems to move as slow as molasses, so I will be keeping busy and trying to keep my mind from obsessing about a possible 2 and 4 year old in an orphanage somewhere in Kinshasa, DRC. Life sure is a wild ride... Pray for my sanity! Thanks for your support.