Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our New Friend, Gilad

I haven't written here at all because I'm a single mom and life is too busy and joyful to spend time writing. I'm too busy cleaning up grape juice and poop and every single grain of rice that missed Godson's mouth. That being said, there are some things I want to record, so I'm back! 

Because of the Memphis heat, because I am a single mom and can't just leave my kids to go to a gym, and because (why?!) Netflix doesn't have exercise videos, I have begun recording cheesy cable exercise shows. Bonus: My kids, who have endless energy, absolutely love it! What a nice surprise! I get to sap some of their energy while expending my own calories. Win, win. Our favorite is Bodies with Gilad on the Jewish Life network. Gilad, clad head to toe in spandex, could be The Zohan's twin. (See the horrible but somewhat enjoyable Adam Sandler movie "You Can't Mess with the Zohan", in which he plays an Israeli who desperately wants to be a hairdresser.) All episodes are set on the beach, and the two kids as I do the moves in our tiny den, practically on top of each other. So funny and so much fun. Here's Shekina working on the leg floor work. Goddy and I opted out of that part. She didn't get tired at all, and she had already jumped in a bouncy house playground for an hour and a half. If only I could extract her energy...