Monday, December 30, 2013

New Pictures

The holidays are a busy time for all of us, but that doesn't mean we haven't clogged up my phone with hundreds of pictures of the kids' first fall and Christmas season at home. Here are a few. 

On Thanksgiving weekend, we got to meet up with our old neighborhood/Riverdale friends, the Nathans. How wonderful it was to see my children play with those of my best childhood friend!

In front of our tree. She absolutely loved decorating, while Benjamin Godson absolutely loved pulling all the ornaments off. 

Our elf, Fred, taking a marshmallow bubble bath at Koko and Papa's. Shekina loves to find Fred in a new place each morning when she wakes up. Goddy is starting to catch on. 

Backstage tour with Playhouse on the Square CEO after Peter Pan. Shekina was less concerned with all the mechanical stuff (ropes for making the characters fly), and more concerned with collecting the fairy dust and rubbing it into her hair. She truly believed that if she did, she could fly. 

On the set of the Darling household, collecting every speck of fairy dust she could find. 

Rubbing it all over herself...

Goddy trying to ride Bing, who they have recently and randomly rechristened "Chippy". 

Peekaboo with Papa's hat during a Friday night dinner at Skimo's

Quite tickled with himself! 

Hope everyone is happy and well during this holiday season. 

Much love from the Boltons.

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