Thursday, January 2, 2014

Healthier Eating!

As southerners, we believe we have to have blackeyed peas on New Years Day, and both greens and cornbread are natural (and delicious) accompaniments. I worked hard to cook both the greens and peas from scratch yesterday, and to make them really flavorful with pork. I thought Shekina, as is normal, would turn her nose up and ask for pizza, or something equally as junky. But last night, she ate her peas up, and tonight, January 2, she ate her portion of greens and asked for more. I'm ecstatic! Here she is showing us the empty space where her greens once were. (I needlessly bribed her with an additional game of Candy Land if she would eat two bites of greens. She ate way more.) I'm so proud! 

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