Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Patience, Grasshopper

Well, I am officially pulling my hair out over my home study completion. I Fedexed the many required documents in three months ago in a neat, tidy package after checking and double-checking to make sure I had everything...and now that I'm in Maine, my case worker is telling me he doesn't have everything. Turns out he has lost some of the copies and wants me to resend them. This would be easy if I were at home with the copies, but not so easy from Maine. Maddening!!!

So...we've decided since there is nothing else to be done on my part, we'll go do something fun, like wine tasting and maybe a schooner ride! It's a beautiful sunny day out with a high of 64, and we've heard there are seal pups out in the harbor. Can't wait to share Maine with my new son or daughter.

Please send patience vibes or pray for my patience.

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