Monday, November 5, 2012

Playing the Waiting Game

An old friend of mine (hi, Lisa) has been pestering me to update my blog, but seriously, there isn't much to say. My little boy, who was in the hospital for a not-so-serious case of malaria, is out and is supposedly much better. I have received lots of new pictures of him and his sister, Kina. The most recent picture shows Kina with a laughing, wide genuine smile, finally! It is so good to see her happy. In other news, all the kids with my agency have moved to different, nicer orphanage with bunk beds and mosquito nets. Other than that, there is truly not much to tell. I have received many documents, but I am still waiting on the courts to issue birth certificates, an acte of adoption, passports, visas, etc. Looks like we will be traveling to Kinshasa sometime between January and May--a wide range, I know! In the meantime, we are working on vaccinations (we need many, including yellow fever-yikes!). I still need to clean out my guest room, which will become the kids' shared bedroom. So much work to do, but all of it will be worth it. As for the baby's name, every time I think I have settled on something, uncertainty creeps into my mind and I start thinking about another. Any name suggestions, friends?


  1. Hi Anna! I have been checking out your blog for awhile now and wanted to finally take a moment and place a comment. Congratulations on your kiddos!!! Very exciting! Don't worry about the vaccinations. They aren't too terrible. Typhoid is the worst of them and that is a pill you take for a week. So if you don't have to take those-YAY! The Names-Have you considered a family name along with a Congolese name? Congrats again-I'll be praying!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Evan. We are still struggling with names, but I think I may have settled on one. We plan to visit the Shot Nurse next week. Ouch! Do you have a blog, and if so, can you link me?

  3. Hi Anna, Yes I have a blog Come on over for a visit!