Monday, June 24, 2013


After waiting for four months for my investigations to be completed, I finally received an email from the US Embassy saying they had finished! We were up in Maine, and my mother and I had just gotten out of a yoga class and were shopping for antiques when I absent-mindedly checked my email. I was shocked to find in my inbox the email I had been waiting for for so long!!! We ran home and celebrated with champagne and lots of family photos, then spent the next week preparing. We had to apply for our travel visas, make travel arrangements, etc. We got home to Memphis on Saturday, June 22, and hit the ground running. Because we were never 100% sure if the adoption would go through, we never really prepared, so now we are racing around like madmen to prepare the kids' room and get packed. We leave for a short safari in Kenya on Wednesday, and it will take us 19 hours of flying time plus 14 layover hours to get there! We will fly Chicago to Brussels to Nairobi. After five nights in Kenya, we will fly to the DRC on July 3...and get this--we will pick up the kids on JULY 4! How amazing is that? We are so excited that it is finally time to go meet G and K! 


  1. We are all terribly thrilled for you!

  2. yahoo! so excited for you! i will definitely be checking in along the way to see how everything goes! xo

  3. And I hope that everything will go the way you wanted in Jesus name.