Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We just packed until 11:30 at night. So much to take--clothes of many sizes (because we don't know the kids' sizes), baby food, diapers, formula for the orphanage and G, care packages from other parents, snacks, toys. Almost ready! Our suitcases can't be any heavier than 50 lbs, but we don't really have time to take them to the airport to get them weighed. Instead, we are going to take them to our vet's office (very close by) and put them on the animal scale! (After the thousands of dollars we've spent on dog surgeries over the years, surely they can do that for us!!!) If the bags are too heavy, we'll have to weed out some stuff,  reshuffle, etc. Fun, fun, fun! I'm also off to buy presents for the kids and nannies at the orphanage tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

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