Monday, June 24, 2013

From March: Our "Mental Adoption Break" Trip

(Not sure why this was never posted or why it is saying it's from June. It's from March.) 

It's spring break, and, in an effort to take our minds off this endless adoption delay, the Boltons have headed to one of the Bahamas' Out Islands. We knew we'd be staying on an island with few restaurants and activities. We expected to lay on the beach all day and go out to dinner at night. Sounds nice, right?

Upon arrival at the teensy tiny airport, a cab driver named Rasta took us to the only grocery store. What we found was one small room with pretty bare shelves. It turns out that the Out Islands get all food from "the mail boat," which is supposed to come three or four times a month, but it sometimes doesn't come at all!

Apparently the boat hasn't been here in several weeks, which means there is very little food and beer on the island. (My worst nightmare!) We bought a bunch of individual cans of beer, and we had brought a bunch of ham and cheese with us, so we made a picnic dinner at home last night with that. Why did we stay home? Because the home owner we rented from neglected to tell us that this was an all-cash island and that there is no way to get cash on the island! We brought enough to get our meals, but not to rent a car. The temperature outside is mild (if not cool) though, and walking instead of driving to the beach bar down the road this morning for breakfast was quite pleasant. The mail boat will supposedly come tomorrow, at which point we will call the cab to take us to the grocery store to get as many bottles of Kalik (our favorite Bahamian beer) as we can get our hands on! In the meantime, we've got rum, a rainy day, good books, coverage of the papal conclave, and, best of all, a view of incredibly turquoise waters and powder-fine sand.

On Sunday we will go back to Nassau, and I plan to get my hands on some cute Bahamian outfits for K and G. There is no adoption news. We seem to be indefinitely stalled. Please send kind thoughts, brainwaves, and prayers to the US Embassy in Kinshasa for a speedy investigation so that K and G can come home soon. We received a video of K recently asking when we are coming to get her and saying she is ready to come home. It just about broke my heart. Your kind thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. We hope that this time next year we will be taking our first beach vacation with K and G!


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