Saturday, November 30, 2013

Goddy and Shekina's First Thanksgiving

We celebrated G and S's first Thanksgiving with members of my mom's side of the family this year, and what a day it was! Shekina was so excited to show off her new turkey dress and her tiny-but-ever-growing afro. Godson, for once in his life, was more interested in the company than in filling his little piggy belly. As Godson became more comfortable with our guests' presence, he came further and further out of his shell, and our family really got o see the real Benjamin Godson. My aunt said she hoped it wouldn't hurt my feelings, but that he really reminded her of ET! I personally would go with the Tasmanian Devil or a gremlin. He's a funny, crazy little nut, that's for sure! Here are some pictures from our day, as well as from the day-off before. 

All bundled up for an abnormally frigid November day; both kids lasted fifteen minutes before begging to come inside. 

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