Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Eerie Orange Glow

This morning upon waking, I noticed something orange between two of my fingers--no, wait--three of my--no, wait--all of my fingers. I starting retracing my steps from the day before, trying to remember what I had been touching that made my fingers look like they had been traced with orange permanent marker. Koolaid powder? No. Had I made jello? No. And then I realized I recognized that ugly orange tone. Self tanner. What?! I hadn't used self tanner since I was in seventh grade and sat regularly under my mom's 1960s sun lamp. Then I remembered frantically trying to find lotion in the middle of the night the night before because Kina was itchy. In the dark. In my parents' bathroom. (We sometimes still sleep out there on occasion). I had accidentally grabbed an old self tanner of my mom's and had slathered it all over my itchy African daughter. Lord help me. There's no telling what else done. 

In other news, Benjamin Godson and Kina both tried popsicles for the first time today. Sadly, they weren't fans! Benny G promptly dumped his on the floor after three licks. Kina are about a fourth of her freezer pop. I thought they would be thrilled! Kina also isn't a fan of ice cream. (BG ate my whole adult portion of chocolate-peanut butter from Baskin Robbins!) 

Not so thrilled. 

This is what BG does to anything he doesn't like--i.e. throws it on the floor. 

You expect me to eat this?! 

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