Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Baby Bird

Have I ever told you about our baby bird?  When we first picked up Benjamin Godson, he wanted nothing to do with us. In fact, until we got back to Memphis and he started spending time solely with me, he always wanted Koko Vickie, Papa Skip, or Kina, and never me. I was his last resort. It felt great, having waited for a year and a half for him and having him totally reject me upon meeting us, let me tell you. 

In addition to having a hard time adjusting to his new family at first, Godson also refused to eat and drink for the most part. All the sensitive stomach formula we brought? No thanks. (It was later donated to the orphanage.) At first, he would touch nothing except for the medicine syringe, so we took advantage and started squirting him full of Pedialyte with that. Later, he added those baby food fruit pouches to his repertoire. (If you are an adoptive parent who is getting ready to travel, I highly recommend these  because they will lay down flat in your checked luggage--i.e. they pack well. I have been told that those fruit purĂ©es also count as a liquid, so while they're a little higher in sugar than I prefer, they're good stuff for travel! 

Anyway, here is my absolute favorite picture of our baby bird--nicknamed after the baby birds we used to hand feed. It turns out he was actually sick as a dog when we picked him up. Now that he is much healthier, he is a little piggy who will try almost anything. And me? Twenty-nine days have passed since we first held him in our arms, and he now PREFERS me. Hallelujah! 

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