Saturday, August 17, 2013


Just as we added these two precious lives to our family, we lost another. The day after we returned from Africa, my 95-year-old grandmother, Dorothy, took a fall and pressed her "I've fallen and I can't get up" button. When the paramedics arrived, they discovered that in addition to her extremely fragile skin being torn in multiple places (from falling on carpet!), she was also having breathing problems. Diagnosed with pneumonia that continued to spread despite treatment, Dorothy ended up in hospice and passed away peacefully in her sleep this week. We remembered her yesterday with a beautiful memorial service. It was so wonderful to see all the people who turned out, including some very close friends who drove all the way from Knoxville and back in one day just to attend. Dorothy would have been so proud and so pleased! We will miss our matriarch terribly, of course, but after suffering for several years with macular degeneration AND failing ears, she is now at rest. Here are a few old pictures from yesterday's memorial service that I really enjoyed seeing. 

I think this must have been when I was in high school. Dorothy (she never wanted to be called grandmother or grandma--God forbid!) lived in the apartments across the street from White Station, my hs, for many years. (This picture is quite an inspiration for me to get back on my diet. Sheesh!!!) 

I think this one was taken some time between 1990-1992 at my aunt's house. HOLY HAIR, especially my dad's! Dad, too bad you didn't save some of that at one of your hair cuts. You could have had something made to wear in the future when your hair became a little more sparse!!!

After the service and after a wonderful family lunch, I headed to pick up the kids from my cousin St. Brittain, who offered to watch them for the day. The kids were just the cheery balm we needed after such a sad day. We ate the most delicious red beans and rice ever (Thanks, Gaiennie family!) and watched Madagascar once again. The kids pretty much piled on top of Papa during the entire movie. 

Warning: If you have been around us during the last few days, Lysol everything. I woke up with bad pink eye in both eyes this morning. I'm off to buy some chamomile tea, which is supposed to be a miracle cure. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 


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