Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kindness on a Stick

I continue to be amazed by unexpected generosity. Today, the kids and I hadn't had much of an outing, so we headed over to my new house (have I told you I closed on a new East Memphis house right after we got back in country?!) with my dad while he did some work. The kids ran around like maniacs in the house (there are LOTS of awesome hiding places), rode their little push toys, and tackled me repeatedly. Then--and this is where the generosity comes in--we decided to cool off at a wonderful Mexican ice cream shop down the street. La Michoacana is famous for its homemade paletas (Mexican popsicles), so we ordered Kina a pineapple one (she LOVES pineapple) and Benjamin Godson a mini vanilla one (which melted all over him, me, and the floor). The guy at the counter was questioning me about their background, and I have to admit that even though we have only been back in the US for two weeks, all the questions are starting to wear me out. Anyway, I assumed the worst and kind of brushed him the end of our visit, he really surprised me by filling up a brown sack with a variety of fruit paletas for the kids...for free. Man, did I read him wrong. He turned out to be such a sweet guy! This wasn't our first visit to LM, and now
I can tell you it was far from our last. You never know whose heart will be genuinely touched by adoption. Today, that was the case. Here are some pictures from our visit. 

YUM. I am soooooo about to fall off the diet wagon. The watermelon paletas in the fridge are calling my name. Hope everyone is well!


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