Thursday, August 22, 2013

Annie and Olivia

After watching the movie Annie both yesterday and today, Shekina is singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Olivia, Tomorrow, you're only a day away." Shekina has two cousins named Olivia, so it's an easy mistake to make! A funny one too! 

In other news, Kina has learned how to ride a tricycle. It took two days, which I have to say was a little surprising for a kid who can handwash her own clothes, shower, wash dishes, clear the table, and help her brother to a pretty amazing extent. There was a lot of whining and crying yesterday, but today I was extremely encouraged! We turned a page in our trike-riding. Shekina is determined to pedal up every hill and around every garbage can. She picks that heavy trike up and crosses the street when told it is safe. I am so proud! Yesterday, I was so frustrated, because she wouldn't even try, but today, WOW! It's amazing what a difference a night of sleep and a nap can make. We will be taking more walks/tricycle rides every day, maybe even twice a day. 

We have been on six school tours in the last two weeks for Shekina. We are sure she will be in pre-K, but we still aren't sure where she will go. There are so many good things about each place! Unfortunately, my absolute favorite doesn't have any spots. Our fault for having to apply so late. Maybe a spot will open up! 

Well, both kids are suddenly slapping the heck out of each other on the couch, as siblings will do. I'd better attend to them instead of writing more. Hope everyone is well. Thank you for all the well wishes re: my grandmother. Below are some pictures from the last few days. 


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