Monday, August 12, 2013

Green Day

If you know me well, you know I love musicals. There was a time when I lived in NYC that I had seen pretty much every single one that was running on Broadway! My iPhone is loaded with the likes of Rent, The Lion King, Phantom, Chicago, Oliver... I think you get it now. My favorite awards show of the year is the Tonys, and a few years back, they highlighted American Idiot, which was a musical made up of all Green Day songs. I really have never cared for Green Day's music other than a few songs, but I really liked it in musical form during the Tonys, so I started searching iTunes for it. In attempt to find that musical version, I accidentally bought a few of the band's normal, non-musical songs. I personally find the ones I bought to be dark and depressing and whiny... 

How in the world does this relate to my current life and my adoption? Don't judge: As a single parent, it is hard for me to get a quiet moment or any time for myself. Accepting this has been a lot harder than I expected. Things quiet down when Benjamin Godson naps, but Shekina still wants (and needs) a lot of attention, and refuses to nap. I started allowing her to use the iPad during quiet time (nap time) mostly for learning apps...except that turned into her using the iPad to play my music. She has latched onto one song in particular: 21 Guns. Why, oh why? She plays it over and over and over, and for me, listening to it is hell. Here it is for your listening pleasure. Learn it and Kina will be your new best friend. 

A few days ago, I spotted a pair of Hello Kitty headphones in Walgreens. I threw them into the cart as fast as I could, and they are now Shekina's (and my) most valuable belonging. For an hour during nap time, she can play Dora the Explorer learning games and listen to all the music she wants. If she wants to listen to Green Day whine about 21 Guns as many as 21 times (and I wouldn't put it past her!), she can go right ahead! The best part about it is that she loves iPad time so much that I can use it as a bargaining chip/punishment. For instance: "You don't want to get into the car when it is time to leave the park? Oh, well, if you don't get into the car, no iPad later. Is that what you want?" (No!) When she does get to use the iPad, I have an hour of silence. Golden silence. I owe Green Day, Dora, and Hello Kitty big time for keeping her occupied. 

My little Green Day lover playing Old Maid in the chapeau she picked out at Target. She does get some quality time!

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