Friday, July 19, 2013

Another 5 AM Update

Kina is kicking me in bed, but at least she has rolled over ad now I have more than a foot's width of space in the bed. I am staying out at my parents' house for extra support right now, and Kina and I are both in bed with my mom. Godson is sleeping on a palette on the floor, and my dad has escaped to the guest room upstairs for a true good night of sleep! Lucky duck!

Godson has steadily improved, and he is now a happy toddler who still throws screaming toddler fits occasionally, but not so many of those desperate, fever-spiking, brow-sweating fits. He plays, plays, plays for most of the day, pretty much whenever he isn't napping and whenever strangers aren't around. Shekina is having a hard time with all the change and lack of sleep. She did play some yesterday, but she also acted horribly bratty and threw wailing fits. I have to remember that the root of these fits is a very sad one; that she's lost her biological family, her orphanage family, and her country all within a year. Anybody would be heartbroken, and since she has no way to communicate what's wrong, she acts out. 

On a more positive note, we had a lovely visit with our good friends Sandra, Juan, and Juanito yesterday. They brought Godson a musical, flashing flashlight thag he adores, and for Shekina, a baby that drinks from a bottle, sleeps, and snores. Kina now has three baby dolls; you know about Baby Blandine, purchased at the Thieves Market in Kinshasa and named after a guesthouse worker that Kina truly loves. She also received a doll with multiple outfits back at Christmas from her great aunt Deborah and great uncle Gary. She received "Baby Debbie" the night we got home, and brushed her hair and changed her clothes until 3 am! She also played with the blocks that Gary and Deborah had given Godson for Christmas, and she absolutely loves them too. 

Speaking of our arrival night, we didn't get home from our flights until 1 am, and by the time we got settled and to sleep, it was 3. Then the kids woke us up at 7!!! After two long sleepless flights (and nights!) during the last four days, and after such a short night of sleep last night, we are all majorly sleep-deprived. Both kids have scabies, and Shekina's have gotten so bad that even Benedryl doesn't seem to help. She itches so bad that she cries, and itching seems to worsen whenever she is having one of her fits. Poor baby. We visit a lady who is probably the best pediatrician in the city of Memphis, Dr. Janet Geiger, today at 9:15, and we are hoping to get at least the scabies straightened out. This lady is so amazing that, although I had planned to take the kids to the international adoption clinic at Vanderbilt for examinations, I have decided to just stick with Dr. Geiger for right now. I am so thankful my cousin Christiana introduced me to her! 

Well, I have another hour to sleep before we start our day, so I should go now. (The only reason I am up right now is because I'm still on Congo time.) Here are a few pictures from our first day at my parents': 

First time in a tub. Kina is a fish, and is so ready for swim lessons it's not even funny. After we removed Godson from the tub, she "swam" for another fifteen minutes. 

Sweet Sandra painted Kina's nails for her and took her for a short walk. I can tell these two are going to be good friends. 

The kids loved Juan as well, and Godson even let him pick him up!