Friday, July 5, 2013

Health Scare

We had a big scare with Godson last night. After going to bed early, I woke up and turned over to rub his back. It was on fire! I took his temperature and it read 104.6...this in a city with poor night. I woke up my mother next door, and both she and my father came in to help. We got on the phone with the agency, and got on Facebook with our former neighbors (husband is a doctor). Best of all, we messaged my aunt Cindy and cousins Christiana and Brittain, who relayed the info to our new pediatrician and put us in touch with her by email. Thanks to all these wonderful angels, Godson's fever has settled back down to 98.8 right now (4:30 am). We received a long, detailed email about what to do from Dr. Geiger (our AMAZING new pediatrician), and will be following her instructions diligently. Thank goodness we brought all these meds... If only we had some Benedryl for poor Shekina, who itches really badly at night due to scabies. We have scabies cream, but some Benedryl would be awfully nice right now! Ok, back to sleep since the little ones are fever-free and sleeping soundly...


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  1. We will start praying for restored health right now!!! Hang in there Mama!