Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Long Flight Home is Just Beginning

My children's beautiful brown skin was dusted with powdered sugar until just a few minutes ago, when the Turkish Airlines flight attendants brought around hot towels for us to clean up. Why powdered sugar? Because before the hot towels, they brought around a piece of Turkish Delight for each and every passengers, served with toothpicks on a tray like hors d'oeuvres. We are sitting in economy class, in the back of the plane, and when we first sat down, we each found a metal container with the Istanbul skyline printed on the front. Inside, there were socks, slippers, earplugs, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and an eye mask. This 11+ hour flight has only been in progress for thirty minutes, but already I can tell it is a far cry from the overseas (and domestic) cattle cars we're used to. Oh yeah, did I mention there are unlimited beverages, including unlimited wine and beer? And they passed out a menu of choices for each meal? Only problem is my personal in-flight entertainment TV is malfunctioning, as is my dad's, but not to worry--the flight attendants are attending to that as well. Meanwhile, Shekina, who cried through the entire Istanbul airport because I wouldn't/couldn't carry her (including through four--FOUR!--security checks, has calmed her uncertain heart with a Katy Perry movie on her tv. Godson is in the teensy restroom with Saint Koko Vickie, who often offers to change him. I've got the latest David Sedaris book and am good to go as soon as the kids fall asleep (and Godson already has). For right now, at least until we hit turbulence, which strikes fear in my heart so strong that I feel like a deer frozen in headlights just before it is slammed by an oncoming SUV. Yep, my fear is that strong. Thank goodness for my best friend, airplane Xanax, who has accompanied me on many journeys since college! 

Update: It seems that everyone on the plane is asleep except for my children. The second the lights went out and everyone started going to sleep, bedtime triggered Shekina's bad behaviors. Luckily, we were able to redirect her with a special surprise toy we had saved for the plane. There are many kids and babies on this flight, and while Godson was the quietest and sweetest one before, he is now the most vocal. We have only finished 4 hours and 20 minutes of our flight. Seven hours remain. Please, GOD, let these children sleep... 

Update: Shekina threw a screaming, crying fit over an undetermined cause with about three hours left. She finally settled down to eat our second meal after a kind, kind stranger offered her her own water (S didn't want ours) and showed her her baby asleep in the bassinet. Another neighbor offered Benedryl because Shekina was itchy, and another, cookies. The kindness of these strangers astounds me. Neither Godson nor Shekina went to sleep until the 11th hour of the flight. Now they are fast asleep, and it's time to get off the plane and face a long layover in Chicago. Maybe we can find somewhere to nap. We are SO happy to be back in the US!  

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