Monday, July 22, 2013

Doctors, Giraffes, and Naps, Oh My!

Good Evening from Eads, TN, 

Finally, all is dark and quiet in the Bolton house (whew!), with the exception of my son babbling. I pushed him up and down my parents' longish driveway in his stroller about two hours ago (8:30), hoping this would put him to sleep. Instead, he slurped down ice water and kicked his legs in excitement as he watched Kina race down the driveway on the two ride-on toys we have been given during the last week. (Benjamin Godson has ridden them inside, but was a little timid about riding them outdoors.) 

Godson only had about a ten-minute nap today, and I'm nervous about that. Why? Last night, he screamed and cried from 12:30--2 am with night terrors. I read today that a possible cause of night terrors is over-exhaustion... the day before his night terrors, he had very little rest and a lot of stimulation. I had hoped he would be able to get plenty of rest today to prevent possible screaming tonight, but things happen, and our schedule didn't really allow for a nap today. I am going to have to pick a nap time and stick to it, force myself to schedule around it. 

These huge lifestyle changes are so much harder than I ever expected them to be! I am such a lazy person, and I never realized how much I enjoyed my alone time. What I would give to be able to take a long hot bath, to have an uninterrupted night of sleep, and to watch a non-cartoon movie! It's all worth it, of course. We are all in love with these sweet, sweet babies, and we are so happy they are finally home with us. 

Tomorrow we have our second pediatrician visit. During our first, it took three nurses and me to pin Shekina down so that blood could be drawn. She is a strong, strong girl! (It was awful...she was rewarded for her bravery later with shoes of her choice at Target--the tackiest, sparkliest, glitter-covered Hello Kitty shoes I have ever seen.) That same day, the nurses couldn't find a vein in Godson's arm, so they're going to try again tomorrow. Shekina's blood tests came back all clear, with the exception of one small sign of parasites. Let's hope Godson's come back just as clean...and that Shekina will even set foot inside the doctor's office after her last episode! She was NOT happy with those nurses. 

Well, Benjamin Godson has finally stopped babbling, so I guess I should try to go to sleep. You're supposed to sleep when they sleep, right? 



Shekina hogged the giraffe, so we used a Target gift card to buy a small Batmobile for her to ride. Now she hogs both the giraffe and Batmobile. Poor Benjamin Godson. 

Benjamin Godson's favorite place in the house: the refrigerator. He tries to sit inside. He's probably never been able to have as much food as he wanted until now...and boy does he eat. He's making up for lost time for SURE. 

Five of my co-teachers stopped by to meet the kids the other day. Here are Chay and Erika with them. BG was being shy. 

Kina with my very best friend, Michelle, who helped me so much during the horrible adoption wait. It was so neat to see these two together! 

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