Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Night at Mama's House

We have completed our first night at my house, and thanks to my cousin, who is a behavior analyst and who I like to refer to as St. Brittain, both kids slept through the night IN THEIR OWN BEDS. Even better, now Godson is napping IN HIS OWN BED. I think we will reward them with a couple hours of swimming at their aunt Cindy's house today. Hooray! 


P.S. If anyone is having their own major behavioral issues at home and needs help, my cousin truly has her masters in this area and is about to go back for her doctorate this fall. She is an ABA specialist, and is available for hire. Just message me for her contact info. She has helped many a family live easier, happier lives. 

Brittain and Godson

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