Saturday, July 20, 2013

Firsts Today

Yesterday, Godson and Shekina did these things for the first time: 

1) Fed goats. 
2) Walked barefoot in thick grass. 
3) Ate a hamburger (Godson did; Shekina wouldn't try it.)
4) Went to Target. 
5) Rode around the city of Memphis, experiencing it in daylight. (Shekina kept yelling out, "Bye-o, Istanbul!" Bye-o means both hello and goodbye in the Congo.) 
6) Ate watermelon. 
7) Learned to blow kisses. 
8) Saw my (their) house for the first time.
9) Met their dogs Bing and Teddy and fed them Vienna sausages. 

Every day is full of awesome firsts, and I am going to start recording more of them. I especially liked watching Shekina walking around the thick grass in my front yard with flip flops. She wasn't sure what to make of it! 

At Target: At first, Shekina was mad because she couldn't sit in the cart like Godson. (She was shoe shopping, and I wasn't about to pick her up and down, up and down.) But then she discovered she could ride on the cart like this. It immediately reminded us of something we had seen very frequently on buses in Kinshasa. 

They rode like this while driving, not just while parked, and so did Shekina! She's Congolese through and through, brave and sassy! 

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