Thursday, July 11, 2013

No News

Good Morning from Kinshasa!

There's not much for me to tell this morning, except for the fact that we did not receive the children's exit letters in time for us to leave on our 8 pm flight to Istanbul last night. We had to postpone, and we are hoping our lawyer is able to get the exit letters today. (We met with him yesterday to ask what the deal was, and he promised he is working very hard on getting the letters.) 

We are able to continue staying at Sunny Days (guesthouse), which is a godsend, and we still have access to our driver and guide, so we're doing ok! We may see if they can take us shopping for local crafts and for lunch on the Congo River if Godson is feeling ok. (Yesterday he was having major blowouts after starting his new iron prescription, so we have discontinued it for now.) He is doing wonderfully this morning, and just finished a full-sized plate of scrambled eggs and canned chicken breast for breakfast...and now he is eating a Nutrigrain bar! We have found that part of the problem is that he didn't want us to feed him. He wanted to sit in a chair like a big boy and feed himself. Fine with us, except for the mess, and the dogs will take care of that once we get home! 

Shekina is a hot mess, as usual. Last night she tried on some of Godson's clothes and wanted to parade around the hotel's courtyard in them so people could see her. This morning, we are watching cartoons and trying to teach Shekina how to control the volume of her voice. She likes to scream out "Hallelujah!" at random times. We have no idea where this came from, but it is hysterical, so I'm in no hurry to put a stop to it. 

Hope everyone is well. We will update next time we hear some news. 

Anna and Vickie (Koko Vickie) 

Some random photos: 

Yesterday we stopped by St. Anne's Procure (guesthouse) for a meeting with our lawyer and to show Baby Blandine to her namesake, Blandine, who works there. Turns out Blandine was out sick, but there was still something good that came out of the visit: Fanta, the favorite drink of Congo! 

Finally, some smiles from this boy! He and Shekina played a game last night and she tickled him until he was shrieking with laughter. So good to see!

The wonderful little patisserie, boulangerie and grocery JiJi we found near our guesthouse. My dad is in heaven with the pastries, and my mom and I love their croissants, baguettes, and WINE--the first place we have found it. We were so happy! 


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  2. I'm so sorry you didn't get your exit letters!!! I stopped and prayed right now for you guys and will continue to pray that tomorrow is THE day! (Hello! You found wine!! Yay!!! I'm taking notes for our trip... Ha!)