Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Monday So Far

Good morning friends, 

Godson wouldn't drink any pedialyte last night or this morning, but he just drank two Gerber Graduate Grabbers with apple and sweet potato--four servings of fruit and veg--so that's a start. We're headed back to the dr to talk about our hydration problems and let him check out Godson's congested chest and ears.

Shekina woke up and watched Dora the Explorer in French this morning, while coloring in her Dora coloring book. She has especially enjoyed coloring with Papa Skip this morning. 

Do you like our camouflage bed sheets? They fit right in with all the safari shows we have been watching on Animal Planet and Discovery, our only English channels other than CNN and Al Jazeera. (We are just thrilled to have TV, to be quite honest, and we can understand some of the French shows, so we can't complain.) 

We hope everyone has a wonderful day. Other than the doctor, we are headed to the US Embassy (an envelope that was supposed to remain sealed came partially unsealed...LORD...), the bakery/grocery, St. Anne's (the Catholic guesthouse that has a bar with sodas and beer, as well as a sweet, fun staff), and then back here to swim. 

Happy Monday!

whose children are both already sleeping through the night, thank GOODNESS!

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