Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Busy Day (in Photos)

Shekina unexpectedly received three vaccinations today. We decided suddenly that it was best to start since she is probably between five and six years old (!!!) according to her teeth and will need to start kindergarten in August. (Shekina's paperwork says she just turned four in June, but we've never believed those papers to be correct.) Instead of hating the nurse who pinned her down, Shekina jumped into her arms afterwards. Poor baby. All pain was soon forgotten as soon as she received three (!!!) Loony Tunes band-aids. 

Our doctor declared the kids to be "free to mingle!" (as in the scabies are no longer contagious and are on their way to being totally gone). We decided this was a reason to go celebrate, and headed to my aunt Sara's restaurant, Mortimer's, to celebrate. We were lucky to run into not just Sara, but also my cousins Christopher and Gabrielle and my cousin's husband Frank. Shekina and Godson got to meet all four family members, and that was nice. SaSa (Sara) gave the kids two adorable folding chairs (see pictures below), and loaded them up on fried chicken drumsticks (Shekina visited the kitchen to pick hers out and had a total of four today). Yum! 
(Above: Gabrielle, Sara, Shekina, and Christopher) 

(Below: Visiting the kitchen with SaSa)

Godson slept through most of our time at Mortimer's, but he sank his teeth into his drumstick the second we got home. 

Now that we have finished eating, we have settled down (WHAT?! Kina has the ability to settle down?!) in front of the TV to watch Sponge Bob. There's a trick to this getting them to settle down and be lazy, it turns out--it's called "Aunt Sara's Awesome Chairs". Thank you, Sara, for the hour+ of relaxation you gave ME today by giving the kids these chairs! 

(Too enthralled by Sponge Bob to smile) 

The end. To all you active people out there, don't worry--we'll play outside later once it cools down. It's just too ____ hot outside right now! 

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