Sunday, July 14, 2013

Enjoying Our Last Days in Kinshasa

Good Afternoon from Kinshasa, 

We went to sleep without Godson screaming, and guess what? He awoke peacefully too! Progress! After watching cartoons (and, for Mama, following the Trayvon Martin news--sickening), we spent the morning outside talking to a new friend who works for a different adoption agency about her own (personal) adoptions. The children had a blast picking up and pushing around the driveway rocks in the stroller, which we just introduced them to yesterday, and going to see the "bad"--the broken-winged hawk kept as a pet at the guesthouse. Now, Godson is down for his earliest nap ever (so happy about this!), and my mom, Shekina, and I are watching a movie in English (everything is usually in French, so this is definitely a nice surprise). We had baguette and croissants with tuna for lunch (so much better than the strong-smelling sardines the kids prefer), along with a Primus, the local beer, and plantains dipped in mayo. Thanks to the Belgians' history here, mayo is served with many foods, and the kids love it. 

We have no outing planned for the day since it is Sunday, but that's ok, because along with the DGM (immigration office), we also visited Shop Rite. Why did we just get the chance to visit this place after ten days in country? Fellow Congo visitors, Shop Rite is your friend, believe me. It has the most beautiful produce, and very much of it is safe for you to eat. It also has a large selection of affordable wine, prepared foods, baked goods, and it's very clean and new. Finally, there is a nice pharmacy immediately next door, and it all feels very Western and safe. I'm all for immersing yourself in the local culture and doing things the local way, but sometimes one needs a mental break. I liken it to the times I would pick up a USA Today and take it to Burger King when I lived in Budapest. Sometimes you need to feel like you are way back West. 

We still haven't heard back from our travel agent yet, but we do have tickets on hold for tomorrow (Monday) night. Until then, we are going to enjoy the last 24 hours of our unfettered time with the kids, going swimming, playing with them, and loving on them. Hope everyone is well! 


Shekina and Koko Vickie watching a movie together while Godson naps in the background. 

Godson, about to go swimming. He had a BLAST for about ten minutes, then fell asleep in the pool on my shoulder. 

Our guide, Papa Fils, two days ago, when we went to eat lunch on the Congo River. 

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