Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunny Days Guesthouse

We are so glad we booked Sunny Days. We feel so safe, and this place is so clean, comfortable, bright, and friendly. Plus, each room has a kitchenette, the showers have hot water, there are TVs with some English channels, and there is a pool that Shekina is LOVING, despite the cold water that causes her to shiver! Here are some pictures of where we live right now. 

The courtyard/parking area outside our room

This my parents' room. Mine is identical. 

The driveway

The resident hawk, whose cage has an open top, but he doesn't leave. Because of a broken wing (previously broken?), he can't fly. He's apparently good for any rodents. 

My mom with the staff 

The pool area, which is quite lovely!

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